Your Framework to landing clients with heart and strategy

I'm Ready to Increase My Sales!

Learn the Greatest Element in Sales: YOU

What if selling is more about finding the real you than tactics?

What if it was as simple as uncovering your authentic identity & strengths?

What if you could land more clients and sell with more ease than ever before?

Good news: this is ALL possible.

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The 8-step process that I’ve used over and over again to sell and create wealth. It’s also the very framework my clients have used to experience their success:

Step 1: Learn Influence and The Power of You

Step 2: The Power Twins: Belief & Faith

Step 3: The Secret is W.O.R.K.

Step 4: Learn to Work in Your Strengths

Step 5: Develop the Blueprint of Confidence

Step 6: Learn How to Communicate to Your Clients

Step 7: Rapport and the Tools for Deep Connecting

Step : All You Need is in You Now

I'm Ready to Increase My Sales!
Through Don's training programs he has helped our organization grow deeper in our identity and stronger in our leadership capacity. It has also helped me optimize those in my leadership team.

He's a champion that selflessly promotes others to the best they can be! Our organization and business will never be the same!

Andrew Bradham

Liberty Global Group

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Don’s Training and processes are unparalleled and through his incredible mentoring, Hurter Creative is now pursuing a whole new range of business ventures and the development of new products to serve our clients.

I would highly recommend Don’s books, training programs and personal coaching platform for entrepreneurs to anyone who asks. His impact upon our organization has been beyond any value we’ve invested!

Owen Hurter

Hurter Creative International

What is Inside Selling From the Soul

Your Framework to landing clients with heart and strategy

Module 1
Influence and the Power of You

  • Your yes factors

  • Developing your own selling from the soul journal

  • Finding what makes you come alive

  • Learning how to just work from your strengths

  • Creating measurable growth

  • Real is what people want (fake never lasts)

Module 2
Authenticity: The Greatest Element in Sales

  • Learning to be you all the time

  • Gaining trust with clients

  • You are the cause of your effect

  • People buy you not your product first

  • Finding out who you are - DiSC profile study

  • Continuing to sharpen the sword

Module 3
The Power Twins: Belief and Faith

  • The power of belief

  • Faith and belief are the great equalizers

  • Learn why we are response beings first and foremost and how to tap into that to generate authentic sales

  • Believing in what you are offering your clients

  • Learning to locate your clients’ needs - not yours

  • The art of asking

Module 4
The Secret is W.O.R.K.

  • Finding best buyers

  • Building value with your clients

  • Education builds rapport - selling breaks it

  • The power of asking for the sale

  • Developing processes for closing the sale

  • Taking massive action always pays off

Module 5
Confidence: the Blueprint to Competence

  • Developing your competence through action

  • Being confident is the first step to competence

  • People buy you and your confidence in your product

  • Confidence is equal to faith and the great elixir of connecting with your client

  • Developing a growth plan of competence

Module 6
Becoming Great through Excellence and Experience

  • Greatness comes through experiencing both success and failure

  • Excellence will take your sells to the top

  • The process of developing excellence: Thought, theory and massive action

  • Results are you winning

  • Getting the most out of failure

  • Tracking and measuring your process

Module 7
The Trinity of Structure: Plans, Processes, and Profits

  • Creating multi layered strategies

  • Developing your process and procedures

  • Documenting your systems for ease in duplicating

  • They need to be organic and flexible for implementation

  • Working and developing the process continually

  • Selling from the Soul is about life-giving procedures

Module 8
The Created Atmosphere Ecosystems

  • Defining what ecosystem is

  • The individual culture in the company

  • Influence developing ecosystems and culture

  • Covering your weaknesses with strengths

Module 9
Building Rapport

  • Developing education to build rapport

  • Communicating to clients the way they want to be communicated to

  • Identifying the personality types of your clients

  • Learn to always communicate on the client’s level

  • Really all people prefer others reflecting themselves (back to them)

Module 10
How to Create a Powerful Follow-Through

  • Developing your systems for email and voicemail

  • The value of continually education

  • Never avoid following up with your clients (make the time)

  • Developing your contact list and keeping it growing

  • Systematize your client’s spreadsheet (hot, warm, cold)

Module 11
The Real You: Your Internal Reality

  • Take charge of your internal dialogue

  • All you need is in you now

  • Developing an empowering mindset

  • Bridging your weaknesses

  • I am statements

  • The power of questions


Receive the 8 part audio series and transcription on building Rapport
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Receive the 8 part audio series on how to find and develop your unique Selling Blueprint and how to activate it
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Receive the 5- part audio series on developing a Empowering Mindset
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I'm Ready to Increase My Sales!
The Transformational capacity that Don brings has caused my organization and business to go to the next level! Our organization has moved into a new level of clarity that has elevated the trajectory of my business, and life! If you are serious about maximizing all you were created to do in growing your business, Don’s trainings, coaching platforms, and live events are a must!

Ericka D. James

The Results Accelerator Consultant
Speaker, Author, and Coach!

Selling from the Soul



What you get inside:

My process for learning who you are and how to sell being YOU.

Learn how to build true value with your clients and lead it to sales

Learn my process for eloquently asking for the sale

How to follow through consistently

How to systemize your leads into Hot, Warm, and Cold

How to build rapport

11 audio modules so you can listen and learn anywhere

Workbooks to help you put these concepts into your process

Plus these Bonuses:

Empowering Mindset Audio series
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30-life bites for life - 30 short audios for daily wisdom (Retail value $77.00)

A chance to apply for my one-on-one Mastery level coaching (retail value $300.00)

Selling from the Soul iPhone Cover, laptop

Selling from the Soul

Your Framework to landing clients with heart and strategy
I'm Ready to Increase My Sales!