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The Work I do with My Clients

Uncover Your Identity

Discover your dreams & desires, tap into your natural strengths, & put your unique superpowers at the forefront of all that you do.

Create Lasting Wealth

Learn how to land lifetime clients, step into your leadership role with confidence & authenticity, and create your own ecosystem for success.

Change the World for Good

Tap into your identity, strengths, and purpose and start creating eternal impact in the world around you.

Grow your business with soul and strategy, heart and tactics, and transform the world around you.

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What Others Are Saying

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Don has been an incredible mentor, an amazing guide, and a true inspiration to me. Thanks to him I now have a whole range of business plans and ventures I am pursuing.

I will highly recommend Don to anyone who asks and know that his books, training manuals, and mentoring are beyond value!

Owen Hurter


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Don has changed my life and business! I have moved into a boldness that has elevated the trajectory of my business, and life!

If you are serious about maximizing all you were created to do, Don’s teachings are a must.

Erika James

Consultant, Speaker, Coach

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As a former collegiate and professional soccer athlete and now a youth soccer club executive and global mission pioneer, Don's mentorship has helped me grow deeper in my identity and stronger in my leadership capacity.

It has also helped me optimize those in my leadership team. He's a champion that selflessly promotes others to the best they can be!

Andrew Bradham

Professional Soccer Player

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