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Don W. Long

Best Selling Author, Speaker, & Peak Performance Consultant

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About Don

Over the past three decades, Don has founded/co-founded six different companies with over 100 million dollars in sales. The last company he built went into the top 1,000 companies in the United States in that particular industry.

He is the author of two books The Blueprint of God and the international bestselling book Sell or Don’t Eat; as well as three courses The Blueprint Matrix, Selling from the Soul, and his World Class Business Assessment tool.

He actively engages in consulting and coaching with executives and their teams, speakers, and entrepreneurs from all walks of life, in uncovering their identity, facilitating wealth creation and, in the process, increasing their impact to change the world for good!

He has been married to the love of his life, Cindy, for 38 years and has two beautiful daughters Ashton and Jordan. He currently resides in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina.
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Through Don's training events, he has helped our organization grow deeper in our identity and stronger in our leadership capacity. It has also helped me optimize those in my leadership team.

He's a champion that selflessly promotes others to the best they can be! Our organization and business will never be the same!

Andrew Bradham

Liberty Global Executive

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Don's Key Philosophies

God had a dream and he wrapped your body around it.

You were pre wired for greatness before you were born.

Everyone was born with a unique DNA, destiny, and purpose.

My greatest passion is leading others to step into their authentic identity, create lasting wealth and change the world for good.

Finding the greatness within by tapping into your unique Blueprint.

Step into transformation and uncover your true dreams, desires, and destiny.

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Things to Know

Fifth-generation business owner

Based in Raleigh-Durham area

First business in top 5% of industry

Second business in top 1% and sold for eight-figures in 2019

Co-founder of the EPIC Conference for faith-based business owners

International Best-Selling Author

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Don's Best Selling Books

The Blueprint of God Cover

Discover the 7 steps to your dreams & destiny

The Blueprint of God helps individuals restore their identity as champions, ambassadors, and governing saints as being one with the Father.

Dreams coming true will have an eternal impact as well as a national impact. Don W. Long created this blueprint to help those become all that they were meant to be when they are able to restore their true identity as sons and daughters of God and realize that He left us in charge to take dominion, be fruitful and multiply.

Within The Blueprint of God Christians are shown a blueprint connecting them to their destiny, dreams, and desires that are hidden inside of them, that part of who they are is uncovering their destiny, and so much more!
Sell or Don't Eat Cover

How selling from the soul will keep food on your table

In the 1980’s, Don learned that if he didn’t sell, his family wasn’t going to eat. So he learned to sell out of desperation.  Don and his wife began their married life off well below the poverty line, so Don hustled to feed his family.

He put food on their table for more than four years by selling Krispy Kreme donuts door-to-door; he then went on to sell vacuum cleaners, alarm systems, 18-wheeler education courses as well as a myriad of other products and services.

Sell or Don’t Eat is a book for small business owners, CEO’s, Founders, and all types of entrepreneurs about what it takes to build and run a massively successful business from a serial entrepreneur who started and sold not one, but two multi-million-dollar businesses.  In 2017, one of Don’s businesses was in the top 1% of companies in the US in their industry