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Radical Transformation Speaker

International Best-Sellng Author

Don W. Long is a highly sought serial entrepreneur and author on a mission to help executive leaders, entrepreneurs, and small business owners unlock their God-given identity to dominate obstacles and find purpose in business and life.

His strategic sales background and business acumen has led to the success of two multimillion dollar businesses that have set records in their industries. As a speaker, Don's mission is to help others attract wealth, activate their inner greatness, and change the world through radical transformation.
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Through Don's training events, he has helped our organization grow deeper in our identity and stronger in our leadership capacity. It has also helped me optimize those in my leadership team.

He's a champion that selflessly promotes others to the best they can be! Our organization and business will never be the same!

Andrew Bradham

Liberty Global Executive

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Don's Key Philosophies

God had a dream and he wrapped your body around it.

You were pre wired for greatness before you were born.

Everyone was born with a unique DNA, destiny, and purpose.

My greatest passion is leading others to step into their authentic identity, create lasting wealth and change the world for good.

Finding the greatness within by tapping into your unique Blueprint.

Step into transformation and uncover your true dreams, desires, and destiny.

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Things to Know

Fifth-generation business owner

Based in Raleigh-Durham area

First business in top 5% of industry

Second business in top 1% and sold for eight-figures in 2019

Co-founder of the EPIC Conference for faith-based business owners

International Best-Selling Author

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Best Selling Books

The Blueprint of God Cover

The Blueprint of God

The Blueprint of God helps individuals restore their identity as champions, ambassadors, and governing saints.
Sell or Don't Eat Cover

Sell or Don't Eat

Sales is the motor that starts everything in your business. Learn how selling from the soul will keep food on your table.